Beer of the Month

September – Dechutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale

Deschutes Brewery, from the woody and mountainous landscape of Bend, Oregon, boasts that Mirror Pond Ale is their most popular beer, and with good reason. This Northwest style Pale Ale reflects the terrain it is made in. The tawny & copper colored ale starts with a nice subtle piney astringency and ends with a little citrus. Although it is definitely a hop-forward aroma, the pale malts allow the Cascade hops to linger, but not overpower. The light carbonation and smooth mouthfeel allows the great hop flavors to shine while remaining a lighter beer, which makes it a perfect end of summer beer for the month of August that pairs well with some of Cap City’s classics.

Pairings: Pecan Crusted Pork Chips, Southern Fried Chicken, Tamarind Wings