For a Finer Diner

‘Tis the season for red wine, whisky, and dark beer.  This is also the time when unctuous replaces clean as the food adjective du jour, and the perfect time for a diner-inspired meal from Cap City.  The meatloaf ($15.95) is one of my favorites and possibly the perfect fall dish.  This definitely ain’t your momma’s meatloaf.  The velvety meat is topped with cream-filled mashed potatoes and a slight crisp of thin fried onion strips.  The complex barbecue sauce allows this dish to transcend nostalgia and plateau somewhere around the elegant.  Another dish worthy of note is the chicken pot pie ($14.95), the restaurant’s Blue Plate Feature on Tuesdays.  On bottom dwell buttermilk and chive mashed potatoes.  Then comes a flood of chicken and gravy in which pearl onions, carrots, and peas swim happily alongside porcini and button mushrooms.  The dish is finished with a flaky puff pastry cap: definitely a worthy winter meal.  Try any of the dishes with a watermelon mint julep- a farewell kiss to summer fruit and a welcome back to whiskey winter.  If that isn’t seasonally appropriate enough skip straight to the Big Cup O’ Chocolate ($5.95), a large mug filled with a fresh-from-the-oven hot chocolate lava cake and topped with ice cream.  Seasonal depression never tasted so good.
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