Face of the Short North: Jenn Rossi

Behind every great city there is a group of professionals that help make it sparkle. The Short North Arts District of Columbus is no exception, for these professionals are the faces we know and love. Lets go behind the scenes and get to know one face of the Short North Jennifer Rossi of Marcella's.

Marcella's is known for not only its great food but its energetic atmosphere as well. With dim lighting, great music and energetic staff, Marcella's becomes a true hot spot of the district. General Manager Jennifer Rossi is part of what makes this all come together. "I love working in the Short North because of all of the different and interesting people that frequent the area," said Ross, "It's got a nice mix and it's very artistic and fun! It's great to be a part of that mix."

What Rossi loves most about Marcella's is the staff. "I wouldn't want to be working for any other restaurant in the city. I love working here, and it's got a lot to do with the people, from the front of the house to the kitchen." From the staff to the food, the overarching feel of Marcella's is that it is a place to enjoy yourself and have a good time.

What helps make the restaurant extra special is the music, much of which has been chosen by Rossi herself, with a little help from the staff of course. "I'm really into music and am always trying to learn about new bands and seeing what's new on the scene. A lot of that goes into what's playing here at the restaurant."

In her personal life as well as her professional life, Jennifer Ross loves spending time in the Short North. Here are just a few of her favorites:

Place to grab a drink: "The Burgundy Room! Every time I leave work if I'm going out, that is where I go. I love the staff there and they have a phenomenal wine list and delicious food."

Places to shop: "Collier West is probably the coolest and most fun place to look around. Suzie West is really smart with her ability to make things look incredible. Big Rock Little Rooster is also one of the most unique and interesting places, it's super fun!"

Place where I spend the most money: "Voodoo Denim, I've been buying jeans from Kevin for the past five years, I love going there."

Favorite item on the Marcella's menu: The Chicken Giardinera and the Gnocchi con Bolognese.

Favorite nickname from the staff: RossBoss