Ocean Prime Featuring All-Natural Colorado Angus Beef Beginning September 26

Supper club to offer Colorado ranch-raised Angus strip steak for limited time
Ocean Prime is welcoming fall with a flavor from the west as guests are invited to savor special Black Falls all-natural Angus strip steak for a limited time beginning Wednesday, September 26. Sourced from family-owned cattle ranches in Colorado, the Colorado strip has a very rich, succulent flavor and savory marbling due to the state’s climate and grasslands, as well as a vegetarian diet consisting only of grass, corn, barley, oats and alfalfa.

“After visiting the ranches in Colorado, I am excited for the opportunity to promote such a high quality product,” said corporate executive chef Brian Hinshaw. “The farms are committed to sustainability, 100 percent natural practices and certified humane treatment, creating a strip steak noticeably distinguishable from other strip steaks.”

Expertly hand-selected, trimmed and custom cut to exclusive specifications, the ranch-to-table 14-ounce Colorado strip steak will be offered at Ocean Prime beginning Wednesday, September 26.

“We will use a simple seasoning to showcase the rich and fresh flavors of the cut,” said regional executive chef Michael Denton, who also visited the Colorado ranches. “We invite all of our guests to come and enjoy this special culinary experience, which will only be available for a limited time.”