Punch Bowls

“One thing in particular jumped out to me while I pored over the menus for The Pearl, Cameron Mitchell's newly opened gastropub/oyster room: punch bowls.  I first came to know the joys of punch bowls during trips last year to New York City and San Francisco, where lots of bars serve these made-for-a crowd cocktails. If everyone's in the mood for the same drink, they're a great deal, and the presentation can't be beat. Your punch of choice is delivered in a gorgeous, vintage punch bowl (old-school bridal shower-style!) with little class mugs for everyone who is partaking. Ladle out mugs of the boozy goodness until it's gone and everyone's, well, punchy. On my first visit to the Pearl, I was in a party of two, so we wisely chose to save the full bowl (recommended for four or more people, $38) for another visit. But I did order one serving of the Bourbon Apple Punch ($10), and really enjoyed it.”

-Shelley Mann, Alive