Jumbo juiced concoctions redefine 'social drinking'

An array of vintage punch bowls above the bar at Short North newcomer the Pearl isn’t there simply to complement the restaurant’s antique-chic interior.

They’re part of a cocktail menu inspired by classics, including hefty portions of punches served with ice, sliced fruit, a ladle and mismatched mugs for kitschy communal consumption.

Made from ingredients such as Bulleit bourbon, absinthe and spiced homemade syrup, these aren’t low-rent college concoctions. The $38-a-bowl splurges can serve four or more guests.

“You’re interacting; it’s fun,” said Ryan Valentine, beverage director for Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, whose stable includes the Pearl at 641 N. High St. “When one punch bowl goes out, you’l l see orders for more.”

The novelty of shared drinks can enliven shared company.

April 25, 2013
Kevin Joy
The Columbus Dispatch
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