32 must-drink summer cocktails from Columbus bars

Columbus has taken to the craft cocktail trend with enthusiasm. As more and more bars and restaurants around town began experimenting with innovative recipes, imbibers have become accustomed to — and expectant of — high-quality cocktails.

It’s a credit to the numerous mixologists around town who’ve stayed on the cutting edge of the cocktail scene, while still offering approachable menus for any palette. It’s also just as important that those working behind the bar — especially the group I talked to for this article — are as diligent in their craft as they are friendly and informative with patrons. They don’t just want to make great cocktails; they want to make the perfect cocktail for you.

Here are 10 places that have created some wonderful summer cocktails. It’s an eclectic group that features everything from speakeasies and fine dining restaurants to even a locally-adored dive bar/rock club. Craft cocktails aren’t just a trend — they’re an evolution in the bar scene that’s only moving forward every day.

M at Miranova
2 Miranova Pl., Downtown

(614) 629-0000

Thanks to Cris Dehlavi, M at Miranova has been on the forefront of the Columbus cocktail scene for a decade. Dehlavi is truly a tastemaker, and she prides herself on staying on the cusp of the newest — and best — trends. That dedication is well represented by M’s summer cocktails.

The classic Aviation cocktail has been charged with CO2 to add carbonation. It’s what Dehlavi calls “the star” of the seasonals, and the perfectly re-created recipe is only amplified by the effervescence.

For an even bolder recipe, see the Lemongrass Cooler. Tequila infused with peels of lemon and lemongrass is mixed with cilantro and topped with ginger beer. The result is a magically refreshing drink, and the sprig of cilantro garnish adds a great aroma to take in before sipping.

“I think using herbs is immediately what you think about in the spring, summer,” Dehlavi said. “Cilantro is something I love using in cocktails, and this is the first time it’s made it onto a menu at M. Cilantro is tricky because it’s a savory herb.”

Tricky or not, even cilantro haters will be all-in for this summer libation.

June 6, 2013
Jesse Tigges
Columbus Alive
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