Best of the Menu interview with Kristen Luff & Jeff Rabold

Q | What is the most popular dish on your menu? Why?
A | Our most popular dish is the steak in a bowl. It is a butter-poached filet mignon served atop blue cheese fingerling potatoes, finished with a black truffle demi-glace. Our guests can choose to make it “Rossini style” with the addition of seared foie gras on top of the filet. We believe it is popular because the flavor combination of this dish is just so decadent and delicious!
Q | Are there any items NOT on your menu that are staff favorites (that you’d be willing to serve up to any customer who asked)?
A | Our guests request past menu items all the time – a favorite is pan-seared halibut, lobster ravioli and asparagus, finished with a sweet corn emulsion. Our chef also prepares an amazing beef Wellington.
Q | Many reviews say that M is super swanky. How does the food play into this vibe? Are there any dishes that exemplify the atmosphere at M?
A | The concept behind our menu is to present delicious comfort food with the “M twist.” For example, we offer mini burgers with french fries on our appetizer menu, but we use Wagyu beef to take the dish to the next level. Our three cones appetizer also is presented with the “wow” factor in full effect. We prepare three sesame cones filled with fresh lobster meat, each topped with a different type of caviar. Another signature dish at M is the miso-marinated Chilean sea bass. The fish is served in a Thai broth with shrimp dumplings, shiitake mushrooms, fresh water chestnuts, and spinach. The entree is a lighter fare, yet still very flavorful.
Q | Rumor has it that once upon a time you could order a bourbon milkshake. Is this still true?!
A | The answer is YES! It once was a choice on our dessert menu, and has become another one of those favorites that is still requested by our guests!
Q | You have a happy hour! Everyone loves a good happy hour deal! What are the details?
A | Our happy hour is Monday through Saturday from 5pm-7pm. We offer $5 selected cocktails and wines by the glass, with half priced sushi and selected appetizers. In addition, we offer our happy hour in our bar lounge and on our patio! This really is a great way to experience M!
Q | Your dessert menu is simply (and aptly!) titled “Sugar,” and the items on the menu seem to have unremarkable names: cake and ice cream, coffee and donuts. But when you read the descriptions, you’re reminded that you’re in a high-end restaurant! What inspired this spin on classic desserts?
A | This is the same idea to offer familiar, classic desserts but with a modern spin. The coffee and donuts option includes our house-made banana beignets with chocolate ganache and strawberry dipping sauces, and espresso flavored semi-freddo. So simple, yet so delicious! The Root Beer Float has been on our dessert menu since the day we opened. This dessert is served with mini chocolate chip cookies, which have also become an M staple our guests crave and order by the dozen!

June 1, 2014
Best of the Menu
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