Hourly Culinary Teams

A collage of team members working in the kitchen

We are an entrepreneurial and chef-driven company on a very fast growth track throughout the country, so you can be assured that there are plenty of opportunities. Our search for future leaders starts right here... at the heart of the house, at the heart of the company.

Our hourly culinary teams consist of general utilities and line cooks. Working in the kitchen you must be ready to work in a high energy environment, a passion and workforce that is driven by adrenaline that pushes you to create and master an entire dish from start to finish. Whether you work to portion ounces of meat, create batches of fresh sauce, sauté fresh salmon filets or clean and polish our platter ware, we know the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In the kitchen you become one.

As your interests in the culinary field grow, so do your opportunities. We focus on providing a learning environment so our line cooks understand each and every station day in and day out.

Hourly culinary team positions include: Line Cook and General Utility

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