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This cocktail is said to have been created in 1924 by a bartender named Jock at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris as an homage to the denouncers of Prohibition in the United States at the time. A combination of the terms ‘scoff’ and ‘law,’ a scofflaw was someone who openly mocks or ridicules a law – particularly one (like the banning of alcohol) that is difficult to enforce.

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Lately, the food scene is all about healthy, fresh and seasonal. With a mix of fresh veggies, raisins and walnuts, this sweet, savory and spicy slaw makes a great side for a late-summer picnic or barbecue.

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I recently had the opportunity to prepare a meal for the Women's Board Culinary Series at Franklin Park Conservatory. For dessert we made an Italian classic - Tiramisu with espresso dipped lady fingers and mascarpone cream.

13-year-old Sydney Mazik is the Ohio winner in a national recipe contest, which earned her an invitation to recently visit The White House and represent Ohio at the Kid’s State Dinner.

One of my favorite cooking vessels is a nice, heavy-duty stock pot. It’s convenient to make your whole meal in one pot – it saves time, and of course, dishes. This chili is a great one-pot recipe, and it’s delicious. The ancho, guajillo and pasilla chiles, along with the cubed beef chuck, short rib and brisket impart several layers of flavors and textures.

I recently had the opportunity to prepare a meal for the Women's Board Culinary Series at Franklin Park Conservatory. For the second course, we served butternut squash tortelloni with Marcona almonds and Brussels leaves. This vegetarian dish is rich, savory and slightly sweet.

I recently had the opportunity to prepare a meal for the Women's Board Culinary Series at Franklin Park Conservatory. We began the evening with a course of hand-pulled fresh mozzarella. This dish will really impress guests and it's so much easier than you might think.

I recently had a chance to stop by WXYZ Detroit's Broadcast House and prepare a shrimp scampi and filet surf & turf. This is a simple, elegant dish that is perfect for a special occasion.

I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Europe every summer as a child, so I have a deep, nostalgic attachment and respect for classically prepared French dishes. I recently made this Beef Bourguignon recipe for my family as well as for the team here at Ocean Prime Orlando, so I wanted to share it.

Guests are raving about our new seasonal punches at The Pearl. We'd love for you come in and try one, and you can also make our bourbon apple punch at home.

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Shrimp and grits is the ultimate southern comfort food. This recipe is rich, spicy and delicious.

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This blueberry crostata is a delicious way to showcase blueberries when they’re in season. It’s rustic, delicious and perfect for dinner parties. There may be a little extra pie dough or streusel left over, but they are both versatile and can be frozen for later use.

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Mezcal is a tequila-like, smoky flavored Mexican spirit made from agave plant. This cocktail combines mezcal and silver tequila in an elevated margarita-style libation. The fresh basil and jalapeño impart a complex and exotic flavor, making uniquely provocative and refreshing.

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This simple mixture is a great base for experimentation. For example, if you add an egg white and shake before serving, you'll have a frothy Boston Sour - or you could add a half ounce or so of a fruity red wine for a New York Sour.

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This lamb recipe is perfect for Easter. I recommend serving it with a spring pea and wild mushroom sauté and au gratin potatoes.

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