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A bourbon selection from Watershed Distillery

Our Bourbon Lounge is known for an extensive bourbon selection and for great bourbon cocktails. We are excited to announce a new bourbon, exclusive to The Barn, created in collaboration with Watershed Distillery, Waugh Family Cellars and our beverage team. 

Watershed rested its bourbon for a full 12 months in a cabernet sauvignon barrel from Waugh cellars. The result is a softer bourbon showing more fruit flavors from the cabernet sauvignon drawn from barrel over time. You’ll experience a longer finish from its time in the barrel.

Yield from this single barrel is only 263 bottles.  We have two more barrels resting at Watershed Distillery for future release.  Our plan is to continue releasing new bourbons rested in different wine barrels over time so stay tuned!  

The Barn held events to celebrate the new bourbon.  The first was an exclusive bourbon dinner pairing different Watershed bourbons and Waugh Cellars cabernet with each of the four dinner courses. A bourbon release party was held on the terrace in late September with 200 guests.  See photos from the bourbon dinner, release party and bottling tour >

In preparation for the two events, our associates visited Watershed Distillery for a tour and to participate in the bottling process. They learned about distillation, tasted Watershed’s bourbon and our new bourbon to better understand the difference between the two. The visit concluded with our associates bottling the entire bourbon batch as well as placing their initials on each bottle. Ask your bartender who bottled the whiskey that you are enjoying the next time you visit.

We hope you’ll stop in soon and toast to great bourbon!

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