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Earbuds jamming your favorite tunes have become standard workout equipment for almost everyone. Whether it’s musical motivation or a distracting audiobook to break the monotony, having your own soundtrack can keep you heading in the right direction.

As we prep for the Cap City Half Marathon, we didn’t have to look far to find the team member with the most interesting playlist we could share. Our Senior Vice President of Food + Beverage and Executive Corporate Chef Brian Hinshaw won the honors.

Chef Brian’s motivational set list of the moment is a trip through some classic and emerging artist reggae:

  1. Find It Quick / Steele Pulse
  2. More Justice / Stephen Marley
  3. Is This Love / Bob Marley
  4. Fire On the Horizon / Stick Figure
  5. Smokin’ Love / Stick Figure
  6. Hotting Up / Iration
  7. Exodus / Bob Marley
  8. Rootsie Roots / The Green
  9. Warning / Tribal Seeds
  10. The Prophet / Slightly Stoopid
  11. Bright Side of Life / Rebelution
  12. Night Raver / Tribal Seeds

Chef Brian loves all genres of music and his diverse playlists are well-known to the heart of house teams. For now, he says his reggae selections calm his mind which allows him to focus on the physical demands of the workout or run. His favorite from the list above:

Hoping for cool island breezes to flow during the 2017 Cap City Half Marathon!

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