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Gretchen Moore and her husband Jon MooreTwo newer competitors in the half marathon world from the Cameron Mitchell team are Gretchen Moore and her husband Jon Moore. Gretchen is the marketing manager for our Ocean Prime group and Jon works at Nationwide Financial.

In preparation for this year’s race they’re running 6-8 miles three days a week after work with a longer run on Saturday mornings.

Downtown is their running track. Gretchen says it’s a fun way to explore the city and a great way to work off end-of-workday energy. They mix up their routine with runs in the Short North, Downtown, the Scioto Mile, looping around through Audubon Park, German Village, and the Olentangy Trail.

This year’s Cap City Half Marathon will be their third race together. Their running habit started simply for fun and good health a couple of years ago. They’re in a groove now and see these races as an opportunity to challenge themselves and enjoy the experience rather than win the race.

Gretchen’s take on food is to keep a healthy, balanced diet with lots of protein and sweet potatoes to provide extra energy races require. She says, “We love to eat, so we work out, lift weights and run so we can indulge here and there. When we’re treating ourselves we love the sushi rolls and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie at Mitchell’s Ocean Club!”

When it comes to race day, Gretchen won’t be listening to music. She likes to take in everything that’s happening along the route but says staying attentive to pacing and keeping focus helps her finish strong. She and Jon will be on the lookout for supportive friends along the route – hoping for a beautiful, breezy day everyone can enjoy.

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