Our People

Andrea Hoover

Beverage Operations Manager

Andrea is a seasoned hospitality professional who has worked in the industry since she was just 13 years old. She has held positions at restaurants around Columbus including The Bexley Monk, Lindey’s in German Village and The Top Steakhouse, which was owned by her family.

After hearing wonderful things about working for CMR, Andrea submitted an application to work at M. She had a passion for providing excellent service to her guests, and wanted to work for a company with a reputation for providing associates with that same respect. According to Andrea, companies like this are comparable to unicorns – too good to be true – so when she joined the team at M in February 2012, she was pleasantly surprised to learn that the company truly takes care of its associates as well as she had heard.

Andrea was hired as a server at M and moved behind the bar within a few months. She quickly became eager to be involved in the creative and developmental side of the company’s beverage program. In May 2013, Director of Beverage Ryan Valentine took Andrea under his wing. In the following months, she helped develop the beverage program for Hudson 29 and The Barn, she traveled to Philadelphia to help open and to train the new bar chefs. She then returned to M for a short time before leaving to train the bar staff and open Hudson 29 and The Barn before being promoted to Beverage Operations Manager.

Among many other things, people are the reason Andrea loves working at CMR most. She greatly values all of the relationships and connections she develops in her position. Whether her associates, who are like a family, or the numerous others she encounters on a daily basis – Andrea cherishes the opportunity connect with people every day through her work. Andrea has learned a lot about herself through the various different personalities she has encountered and this is a priceless and unexpected benefit she has received from working at CMR.

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